Web hosting can be a real pain sometimes.  It is difficult to find a good web host that fits your needs at a good price.  Depending on your needs some may choose to have more than one hosting provider.  If you have a lot of internet traffic and let’s hope you do, you may want to split between two web hosting providers and set up your name servers to balance the load.  This also comes in handy when one of the providers is down.  And even though they all say uptime 99.7% or something to that effect, we know it’s not always true.

If you handle many websites also make sure you take a full backup in the cpanel so you can always easily move all your sites including databases, mail setup and all files.  This makes it quick and easy.  No longer will you have to be enslaved to web hosts anymore.

We have many great web hosting companies here on Jixxer if you are in need.   Have questions or need some help?  Just drop us a line and let us know!

Best Host for value is Host Metro

hostmetro web hosting

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