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A keyboard is a computer peripheral device that is used to input letters, numbers and symbols via labeled keys. Keyboards can be divided into four distinct “design” categories: the standard keyboard, the ergonomics keyboard, the mini keyboard and the slim keyboard. Keyboards also can be distinguished as either “wired” (corded) or “wireless”. A wireless keyboard allows you to move about freely within the keyboard’s wireless range. Also, some “gaming” keyboards have extra function or shortcut keys for games. A mouse (plural: mice) is another computer peripheral input device. Typically, it is operated with one hand, and moving it across a flat surface allows you to coordinate the movements of the cursor on your screen. Most mice have a minimum of 1-2 clickable buttons that can be used to select or move objects or text. Mice can be either wired or wireless, and wireless versions can connect via RF/”Fast” RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infra-Red) or Bluetooth.

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