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CPU( is also known as Central Processing Unit or Processor) is the most important component of a computer. CPU/Processor is used to explain computer instructions and process software data in computer. CPU/Processor can be divided into desktop processors, mobile processors and server processors. Intel and AMD are the most famous CPU/Processor manufacturers. They have released single-core processors series, dual-core processors series and quad-core processors series.

The most critical component in any computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), where all of the “computing” actually occurs. It interprets and executes instructions and data contained in software programs, incoming signals from network sources, and the commands of its user. The more generic term ‘processor’ is often used to refer to a CPU, as well. The power and performance of the CPU is the prime determinants of a computer’s overall performance.
We offer a wide variety of CPUs/Processors from Intel and AMD, such as Pentium, Athlon, Celeron, Core 2, Core Duo, Dual Core, Quad Core, Xeon, Opteron, Phenom, Sempron, Turion series, etc. Find the CPUs/Processors you are looking for and enjoy the smoothest, most pleasurable online shopping experience around!

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