Blackberry Storm 2 Black Unlocked GSM Touch Screen phone with AGPS & Blackberry maps Just $199.99

With a stunning display, 3G network support, web capability, and advanced multimedia functions, the Blackberry Storm 2 cell phone satisfies both consumer and business customers. Its SurePress touchscreen responds like a physical keyboard, enabling single- and multi-touch and even gestures for intuitive and efficient navigation. It switches between landscape and portrait viewing modes automatically as needed, thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

The 3.2 MP camera and video camcorder augments the multimedia player to give you portable entertainment as well as communication! The Storm 2 includes a built-in media player that can play movies in full-screen mode, display pictures and slideshows and manage an entire music collection, enjoy multimedia experience wherever you are and leave you MP3 or MP4 at home!

The ultra-large 3.25-inch TFT, 65,000 color, 360×480 pixel screen touch screen enables you view large photos or video on you phone. Try it out today!

Just $199.99

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