Batteries just don’t seem to last forever.  Whether you have a laptop, ipad, camera or cell phone, batteries are part of our lives.  After so many charges day in and day out they just don’t last long.  After all we run the heck out of them!

A tip for laptop or notebook users.  If you purchase a new laptop and you use it at home a lot, disconnect or remove the battery from the laptop.  This will save the life of the battery.  Laptops just don’t have the technology to charge the battery and stop.  They just keep charging them.  And even though engineers are smart enough they just don’t seem to care about building the electronics to disconnect from the battery when plugged in and the battery is full.  This is something I would like to see in a new laptop and even a new electric car.

Well if you need a new battery we have some great deals here for you.

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